Poinsettia Love

Poinsettias have a place in the heart of Christmas. A few decades ago poinsettias were seen in every home. They were a Christmas staple. As the years have gone on and the kids of the poinsettia generation have grown up to have families of their own, the poinsettia has been left behind, but not forgotten. Once these people walk into a garden center and see poinsettias adorning the isles they are brought back to a simpler time. A time when they baked cookies with grandma and played with wood blocks. A time where you put on your Christmas dress full of tulle or your red bow tie and walked in the blistering cold, hand in hand with mom to church. A time where you listened to Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" drinking hot cocoa under the Christmas tree. The poinsettia is a reminder of what Christmas was, is, and will always be. When you buy someone a poinsettia you aren't just buying them a gift you are giving them Christmas spirit and love.