Stop And Smell The Roses

We live in a world where we are constantly looking at screens. iPhones, iPads, computers, and televisions. Even when we are trying to appreciate nature we are appreciating it through our phones. "Look at that beautiful flower" we say, looking at it in the picture we just took as opposed to looking at it right in front of us. Being present is almost a lost art. We scroll through pictures of waterfalls, trees, flowers, and lakes when there is a park 10 minutes away. Our sense of reality has shifted. What feels real to us is what we can hold in the palm of our hand. We are losing touch with nature and that is a very sad and possibly devastating thing. 

This weekend is a perfect time to unplug! Go outside and be outside. As someone who loves photography, I understand the desire to take pictures but make sure you look up from your camera once in awhile. Sometimes when waiting for the perfect picture you miss the perfect moment. Don't just see but smell and feel. Take in the world around you. How often do we just stop and breathe? Not often enough. Enjoy life. Enjoy the living. Be with your family and friends. Be with the flowers around you. Be with yourself.  

It is not coincidence that when you walk into a garden center, go for a walk, or swim in a lake you  feel good. Everything around you is alive. It gives you energy, it makes you happy. Challenge yourself to go a day without social media. Live that day for yourself and the life around you not for Facebook or Instagram. If you're really feeling daring try to go 2 days. 

Have a happy, safe, and peaceful 4th of July!