Spreading Holiday Appreciation

From the Lynde Crew:

It’s that time of the year again and the holidays are creeping up. It’s the time to put up the Christmas tree if you haven’t already, it’s time to bake cookies and make sweets, and gather around with loved ones. It’s also that time of the year we look back and reflect on what we have accomplished or maybe what we haven’t gotten to. There’s a question we asked our little ones: have you been naughty or nice.


It seems the holiday season brings out a giving side that should probably come out more often. We give to our families, to our friends, to children, and to people less fortunate. We gather and celebrate with family telling stories and reuniting. We buy things, wrap them up, and gift them off. We cook food and bake cookies, eating to our hearts content. We are busy doing this and busy preparing that. It can be hard to slow down and take a moment to enjoy the light snowfall of big, sparkly flakes without worrying how traffic is going to be on the way home, or taking the time to enjoy the holiday lights and festive decorations that our neighbors put up. The holidays are so much more than just the hustle and bustle of preparations.

We think the most important thing about the holidays is taking the time to appreciate the people around us. We want to thank all our loyal customers that have continued to shop with us throughout the years. We appreciate seeing so many familiar faces walk in every season. So, here’s to you, a local fan who continues to shop local, season after season.


So, take a moment when you’re done reading this to stop, and know that you are appreciated as a loyal customer, a friendly face, and a smile. But let’s not pretend that’s all you are; you are a father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandpa, or grandma and all those things are what makes you extra special to someone else. The Christmas tree, presents, and cookies may create the holidays, but you and who you are with are what make the holidays special.

Happy holidays from your Lynde Crew!