It's time to Wash Away Winter!

By: Christina Timm

It may not feel like Spring outside, but living in Minnesota we must make do with what the weather throws at us. Just because we have snow on the ground and it’s mid-April doesn’t mean we must give in to winter holding on. There are still ways to add color to the inside of your home. Incorporating different elements like texture, height, and color can add a little spring color into your home.

Adding Texture

"Draw people in to get a closer Look!"

Texture is a fun element to play with, and when it comes to plants it seems like the options are endless, but knowing how to compose a balance between container and plant can sometimes be a challenge. The human eye is drawn to color, so it’s only human nature to want to match the container color with the flower color. However, instead of making the impact you thought it would it only washes out the beauty of the flower itself. Instead, try pulling from the color in the plant’s foliage. The Cyclamen is a very easy to care for plant with a unique marble-like design on its foliage. Pairing the silver tones in the foliage with a metal, soft-textured container we can highlight the unfitness of the plant without overshadowing it.


Increasing Height


"Reach for the sky when space is limited!"

It can be tricky to incorporate plants into small confined areas, but this doesn’t mean you must give up your dream of adding some greenery. Finding a plant with great vertical height might be all you need. The Calla Lily is great for an area with little space. This tall, slender plant adds a pop of color in red, orange, or pink, against bright green dagger-like foliage. Paired with an industrial-shaped container to complement its linear form, it’s ready to add some height for an indoor area with limited space. Add a blanket of moss to tie the look together, adding a soft finishing touch to an overall rigid composition.

Keeping it Modern

"Sleek and sophisticated with a pop of color!"

When we think of a modern living space we generally think geometric shapes, uniformity, and simple colors. So how do we combine this environment with mother nature’s greatest gift? Keep it simple, play with color, and find a pattern. The Asiatic Lily is a great plant to play with because of its stunning color and what better way to add a pop of color. The round shape and the pattern of the container screams contemporary, which will work well with any room tones. Playing with the linear lines of the plants stalks and the pattern on the container we create a balance between plant and container.


Pop of Color


"Let the container do the showing and the plant do the growing!"

Sometimes it can be challenging coming up with ways to add color to a living space without overwhelming the eyes. However, it can be done!  Take this container for instance: bold in orange color and stretching tall, it may seem intimidating. When paired with a solid green plant like this Schefflera, its shiny green, rounded edges softens the loud container complementing it well. Its long, beautiful leaves stretch over to completely conceal the container, hence its nickname, the Umbrella Tree.