Ceramic Garden Flower

By: Christina Timm

Finding the Right Fit

There are many ways to incorporate greens into your home. Houseplants, succulents, herbs, and cactus. With all living things it's important to get to know your plant and establish a watering schedule that it prefers, and to maintain a regular grooming regimen. But what if you wanted to try something that doesn't require any care? Why not try a Ceramic Garden Flower!

Which ones do I choose??

These unique Garden Flowers come in an array of colors, sizes and textures. The best way to choose is to find what speaks to you!! The pink rose has a soft, pastel color to complement its delicate rose-like shape. The orange flower has a bright pop of color with tube-like petals. The green mum has a pale, green shade that complements its long, slender foliage. And the blue flower is small, but has great detail and a soft, baby blue color. 

Find Your Happy Place

How do I incorporate these garden flowers into my home??

Photo Credit: Becky

Photo Credit: Becky

All of the Ceramic Garden Flowers can stand alone. This makes it easy to place them on an end table next to your sofa or pick a few and arrange them on a cocktail table in your living room. If you have an empty flat surface you have a great area for a Ceramic Garden Flower.

Another great option is to hang your Garden Flower. All except the super tiny flowers give you the option to have them on a wall. Pair them with a canvas painting, quote, or family photos and you can create a beautiful spread of flowers to create your very own indoor garden.

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