Spring Has Sprung!

by Christina Timm


Just this past weekend it seems things are warming up and spring is truly here. Pansies are in full bloom with so many little colorful faces looking forward to the sun. Pansies are a cool weather plant that enjoys being outside. They are perfect for spring as the weather makes a transition from winter to summer. Being that they do enjoy the cooler temperatures, they do tend to struggle as the average temperatures continue to increase.


Our Hydrangeas are just starting to show some wonderful color. Shades of pink are sprouting through each bench. Our spring Hydrangeas is grown as a spring annual that is great for adding color around your home or giving as a gift. This sturdy, compact plant is great for small place, providing a mass of pink color.


The ever-beautiful Ranunculus is another great spring flower. With so many bright spring colors to choose from, there is no question that this plant is a sight for sore eyes after a long winter season. Layered flower petals create a perfect full bloom. These beauties are also great as fresh cut flowers. With many ways to incorporate this plant into your home, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

The Easter Lily

The Easter Lily is always a spring classic with big, white blooms. Their bright green foliage is refreshing to see growing during the winter months showing us what’s to come in spring. As the days get warmer and buds start to form on the plant, you can’t help getting excited for the sight of a white flower. The Easter Lily is a great gift and can lift any spirit our of a winter slump.