Spring Flowering Perennials

By: Christina Timm

Ground Covers

Creeping Phlox – Creeping Pink

This plant is a hardy ground cover that is great for banks, rock gardens, or along walkways. Creates a mass of light purple/pink color to a full sun garden. It can also attract butterflies with its mass of blooms midspring and early summer.

False miterwort - Tiarella Wherryi

This plant is great for a shady area in a rock garden or a wooded area. Offering abundant flower shoots during the spring time. This slow-spreading ground cover has also been known to be deer resistant.


Ajuga – Pink Lightning

This plant has beautiful variegated foliage that creates a weed-free area for difficult situations. Use on the edge of a garden as a ground cover for sun or shade. Great for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds with its pink flower spikes. Deer Resistant.

Ajuga – Chocolate Chip

This plant has dark chocolate foliage that offers excellent ground cover. This fast-growing plant works well in a sun or shade garden for rock beds or banks. Beautiful light blue flower spikes attract butterflies and Hummingbirds. Deer Resistant.


Medium plants

Bleeding Heart – Dicentra spectabilis

This traditional perennial offers bright green foliage and delicate, heart-shaped pink and white flowers. Place in mostly shade for the best-looking foliage and blooms. Can attract butterflies and are deer resistant.


Bleeding Heart – ‘Alba’ Dicentra spectabilis

Just like the traditional bleeding heart Alba offers the same lush green foliage, but with all white blooms. Does best in shade or partial shade. Can attract butterflies and are deer resistant as well.


Sweet Iris – Argentea Variegata

This plant offers variegated foliage with lavender flowers that bloom late spring. Considered to be the most reliable and disease resistant of all bearded irises. This plant does best in 4 hours or more of sunlight.



This plant offers blue-green foliage in a compact shape. It does best in part sun or full sun continuing to bloom from late spring thru summer. We carry a variety of different colors of Dianthus from dark pink, bright pink, or lavender. This plant is deer resistant.

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