Landscaping with Trees

Japanese lilac

by Christina Timm

Plan Before You Plant

Before you begin planting a tree there are a few things to consider when planning for a new tree. With so many different trees to choose from it can be intimidating. Here are a few things to consider making sure you feel confident with the choice that you make.


Maple Tree

What would you like the tree to provide? When thinking about what purpose you want your tree to serve, larger trees like Maple, Birch, and Ginkgo trees can help provide shelter and shade in a larger area. For smaller spaces ornamental trees like Hydrangeas, Lilacs, and Crabapples can help provide the feel of a tree without overtaking the area.



Is a blooming tree important? Blooming trees offer beautiful flowers that provide fragrance and inspire nature activity like birds and bees. Flowering trees make great memorial trees for loved ones and can make an unseemly area more attractive. A Cherry Tree or Redbud Tree offer blooms of pink and red for vivid color.


Is fruit or seeds too much to clean up? Some trees produce fruit, nuts, or large seeds that are wonderful for wildlife, but are not always desired by homeowners. Each has its own level of clean up. It’s important to find a tree with the right amount of maintenance level for each situation. Most Maple trees produce seeds in various sizes that drop on the lawn.


Bee on Hydrangea Tree

Bee on Hydrangea Tree

Are birds and other wildlife an interest? Ornamental trees like Crabapples produce small fruit that are essential for birds. Other trees that produce seeds and nuts also provide food for wildlife. Taller trees with more shade can help create shelter for wildlife animals such as birds, squirrels, rabbits, and deer.

Selecting a tree

Once you have considered the many different options a tree has to offer this will help narrow your search. There are three more very important items to consider when making a final decision.


Make sure to select a tree that is hardy for MN, which is Zone 4. This means you will be looking for a tree that is hardy enough to withstand -20 to -30 degrees. Any tree that can handle an even lower temperature will be sure to survive our MN winters.

Sun Exposure:

Larger trees will need a full sun area to thrive at its max potential. There are some ornamental trees that can work in a part sun area for small areas close to a home that would be more shaded.



When selecting a tree make sure to do research and learn the mature size of a potential tree. It is important to a trees development to provide it with enough space to grow properly. Make sure the tree is not planted too close to permanent structures like a home or a garage.

So, there you have it. Everything you need to consider before planting a tree in your yard. Stop by to see what trees we offer or call 763-420-4400 and ask for Donna!