Japanese Beetle Prevention

By Christina Timm

Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles

Here are a few ways you can defend your yard against Japanese Beetles. It is recommended to utilize at least two methods of defense to see results. For maximum results, and if you have the time, use all methods of prevention to decrease the Japanese Beetle population.

1.       Mix soapy water into a bucket and start collecting the beetles in reach by dropping them into the mix. The soap creates a sticky film preventing them from flying away.

Japanese Beetle Killer

2.       Japanese Beetle Killer, Neem Oil, or Eight are all sprays that work well on container gardens and ground beds to protect certain annuals and perennials that Japanese Beetles prey on.

Beetle Bagger

 3.       Beetle Bagger, a Bonide product, is great for trapping Japanese Beetles in hard-to-reach areas like taller shrubs and trees that are affected. This product comes with a pheromone drawing the beetles into the bag and trapping them. Bags will need to be replaced once full.

Milky Spore


4.       Milky Spore, a St. Gabriel Organics product, is the ultimate prevention in your yard. This granular product can be applied using a spreader on grass, in annual or perennial gardens, and mulch beds. Applying this to your lawn can help with grub control and stop them from developing into beetles. Apply in the early spring or fall time.

If you have additional questions about the Japanese Beetles and what products we carry to help your plants, contact our Garden Center!

 Good Luck!

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