Winter Greens

By Christina Timm

Adding Some Texture with Winter Greens

Spruce Tips

Spruce Tips are the main ingredient you need when making a spruce tip container. They have body and volume that fill out a great portion of the container. For a traditional spruce tip container this will be used the most.

 Before you start to create your container, be mindful of which direction your container will be seen from; all the way around or just mainly from the front. This will determine where you place your largest spruce tip. For a front-facing container the largest spruce tip can be placed towards the back. Most spruce tip containers are made with the intention of being seen from every angle. In this case the largest spruce tip will be placed in the center with shorter spruce tips arranged around the center. 

Spruce Tips are in: Accent Greens come next

White Pine, Norway, Noble Fir, Juniper, and Incense Cedar are all accent greens that can provide texture and a unique touch. There are many different types of boughs to choose from, each one providing a little bit different feel.

 White Pine and Incense Cedar both create a softer look. The White Pine has long soft needles that create an airy touch to any spruce tip container. Incense Cedar can provide an elegant look with lush green foliage and a beautiful evergreen smell.

 Norway, Noble Fir, and Juniper are all accent greens that have sturdy blocks of texture. Norway is an amazing filler, providing a greater amount of volume at an equal or lesser cost. Noble Fir is great for filling in larger areas. It works great for window box accents. Juniper is one of the few winter greens that also provides a little extra flair with its blueberries. It is a very natural winter green which almost resembles a bird’s nest.

Winter Greens are in: Time to Personalize

Let the creativity begin. One might say this is the best part. Getting to add some personal flair and create a container that is unique for your home. Birch, curly willow, and red twig dogwood branches are great fillers providing more height. These can add a natural feel and look to complement any winter greens.

Pine cones and berries add natural color without overwhelming the container. Other natural materials like dried hydrangea flowers and grass plumes help create contrast. A bow placed front and center can add the final touch to any spruce tip container.

For a traditional-inspired container try using reds, browns, and tans for a more natural look. For more daring containers use bright bold colors like pink, purple, or blue, and it never hurts to add a little glitter!

Creativity is complete: Prepare for Longevity

To ensure your spruce tip container has the longest life possible be sure to water in the container (no need to water the foliage.) Next, spray wilt stop to help lock in the moisture and keep your winter greens looking fresh and green all winter long.