Growing Through the Seasons

Shopping Local: Right in Your Neighborhood

Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery has been growing and caring for a variety of plant material since 1896 and we have been growing locally in Maple Grove since 1971. Today we offer services in our Garden Center to help with perennial beds and container garden design, Residential and Commercial Landscape services, a Wholesale program, and a Fundraising program to help raise money for sports teams and clubs. We take pride in growing locally here in Maple Grove for our community for every season.

Growing Through the Seasons

With about 32 greenhouses making up our operation, we grow for every season for wholesalers, landscapers, and of course our neighboring customers. Our crew takes pride in growing the best possible product for our customers, allowing us to produce mass quantities of plant material like Easter Lilies and Poinsettias. When it comes to growing our growers are always one step ahead. If you think the big-box stores are crazy for putting out product for Christmas before Thanksgiving, that’s nothing. We start growing our poinsettias in July. Some plants take longer to grow than others and knowing when to start planning and growing is very important. Here’s a peek into what we grow for every season.


Early Spring/Easter

We are having a Lily good time

Spring is Easter Lily season, along with Ranunculus, Hydrangeas, and bulb gardens. Depending on the season, we start our Lilies from bulbs usually in November and they emerge sometime in December. Timing and precision is key when growing a plant for a specific holiday, especially one like Easter that is different every year. With temperature control and a whole lot of patience our growers need to be ever-watchful to make sure our Easter Lilies get to the desired height and achieve no less than 5 blooms per lily. So, when you receive an Easter Lily from us, you can have peace of mind that we dedicated 5 months making sure they are healthy for your home.

Maple Grove Greenhouse


Living At Lynde

With May kicking off our busy season it is all hands-on deck and everyone contributing as much time as they can. Wholesale and fundraising orders need to be pulled, trucks filled for deliveries, and our Garden Center restocked multiple times a day. It isn’t a far stretch to say some of us practically live here.  Summer annuals are our biggest producer. Every year we adjust what we grow depending on popularity and what’s new to ensure a variety of options for our customers. It makes it that much more worth it to see our greenhouses empty knowing the plants we have grown are thriving in our local neighborhood.

Garden Mum


What a delight, a mum is in sight

Mum season! The time of rich blocks of color that make you think of gourds, pumpkins, and the changing of the leaves. Timing is very important when growing garden mums, because we don’t want them blooming too early or too late. Making sure they crack with color in time for fall, along with our other cool-weather annuals is all part of the plan to ensure a healthy product. We like to offer seasonal switch-out with our Fall Collection to bridge the gap between the end of the summer as annuals start to struggle and before winter sets in. There is still time for bright bursts of color only a mum can achieve



Christmas in July

Why you might ask? Well, July is the month we start growing our Poinsettias. The Poinsettia is a timeless holiday plant that will forever bring cheer through its leaves. We like to offer the traditional red, pink, and white Poinsettias, while also offering non-traditional options like Marbella, Red Glitter, and even custom-painted poinsettias. The Poinsettia is a unique plant that can also be kept as a houseplant for a more advanced green thumb. It is also one of the more delicate plants we grow, because of the time of the year, requiring a pot cover for decoration and a sleeve cover to protect from the cold weather temperatures.

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