This Weeks Plant of the Week: Bromeliads

by Christina Timm

The Bromeliads are great plants to keep indoor where there is a lot of light, but no true direct light. They are native in American jungles and dwell alongside Orchids in trees or on forest floors. They have very tiny root systems so over-potting (mean re-potting into a large container) or over watering can be fatal to the plants health. The Bromeliad should never need to be re-potted.


Temperature: In order for this plant to bloom place it in a 75 degree area or higher. 50 degrees is sufficient for the foliage.

Light: Loves bright light, but away from direct sunlight.

Water: Never over water. Fill the center of the plant with rainwater. Empty and replace every 1-2 months.

Air Type: Prefers to be misted, absorbing nutrition through it's leaves.

Re-potting: Rarely necessary.


The Bromeliads do require patience and skill when a flower is desired. The plant itself is easy to take care of with broad leathery leafs, but getting it to bloom requires a lot of warmth. The foliage desires to be at 50 degrees or higher, but blooms enjoy 75 degrees or higher!

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