ZZ Plant

This Week Plant of the the Week: The ZZ Plant

By: Christina Timm

zz plant

zz plant

Also known as the Zanzibar Gem or by its scientific name Zamioculcas zamiifolia, the ZZ Plant is trending everywhere on social media. Just like many houseplants gaining popularity through Instagram the ZZ Plant is no different. With its hardy nature and shiny foliage, the ZZ Plant is loved for its easy qualities. It’s the perfect plant for new plant parents, because it is very forgiving.

zz plant

Size: This plant has the potential of achieving 3-4’ tall with a medium to slow growth rate. The growth rate will depend on the lighting.

Light: This plant will excel well in a lot of bright light but can tolerate very low light. This is one of the many perks of having a ZZ Plant if you have an area with very little light. With the plant being in low light it will grow a little slower than if it were in more bright light.

Watering: Easy does it. The ZZ Plant does not need an excessive amount of water. One of its unique features is its rhizomes that store a lot of nutrients and water for the plant to feed off. Rhizomes are underground root systems that produce new growth for the plant. If these rhizomes get over-watered, they have the potential of rotting out and virtually doing irreversible damage to the plant.

Worth Mentioning: This plant has a natural shine to it so it is not necessary to add leaf shine to its leaves; doing so could clog its pores.

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