Plant of the Week: Suntastic Sunflower

By: Christina Timm

Suntastic Sunflower

Suntastic Sunflower

If there is one thing you know about the sunflower, it’s that it makes you smile with its bright yellow color. The great thing about the Suntastic Sunflower is you can easily grow a sunflower in your home. Although sunflowers generally prefer to be outside with their amazing height and large multi-petaled flower, this sunflower is a shorter variety making it versatile. Because this happy plant only reaches about 14” tall it can be grown in a small container for a patio or to be enjoyed indoors. Also, this sunflower produces not one, not two, but anywhere from 4-5 flowers on one stem. Like you needed another reason to buy this happy, yellow plant!

Suntastic Sunflower

Suntastic Sunflower


Light: Full sun

Water: Keep soil evenly moist

Size: About 14” Tall and 10” Wide

Bloom Season: Late Summer to Fall

Growing Care: Unlike traditional sunflowers the Suntastic Sunflower offers 4-5 flowers per stem.

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