Poinsettia Care Instructions

Transporting Poinsettias

  • Make sure plants are protected from temperatures below 50 degrees F.  Chilling causes the leaves to drop.

  • The plant should be removed from its protective paper sleeve within 24 hours.  If the plant is left in this sleeve longer than this, it will begin to wilt and may not recover.


Home Care

  • Place in a room where there is sufficient natural light to read fine print.

  • Avoid drafts or excess heat from appliances, radiators or ventilating ducts

  • Place the plant away from high traffic areas and out of reach of children and animals.

  • Water the plant thoroughly when soil surface is dry to the touch.  Remember to discard excess water in cover or saucer.

  • To prolong the bright color of the bracts, the plants should be kept between 65 and 70 degrees F.


Poinsettias Are Not Poisonous

Since around 1919, an old wives’ tale has circulated concerning the alleged poisonous nature of poinsettias.  To alleviate the public’s fear, the Society of America Florists and Ohio State University conducted a scientific investigation into the safety of the poinsettia plant.  The Ohio State University research on the poinsettia plant effectively disproved the charge that the poinsettia is harmful to human and animal health.  In fact, Poisindex states that a 50-pound child would have to ingest over 500 bracts to surpass the experimental doses.  There was no toxicity at this level.