Think Spring

Get through the cold and think spring!!

By Christina Timm

On these brutally cold days it’s fun to image being somewhere warm and tropical. But for us Minnesotans that can be hard with single digit temperatures on the horizon. Our Northside greenhouse may not be tropical, but it is definitely warm; warm enough to grow Easter Lilies!! What a difference a couple of weeks make! You can see the astounding growth from Jan. 9 - 21.

We start off our Easter Lilies from bulb. Our growers then have the control to change things like temperature and sunlight helping each Easter Lily reach it’s full potential in time for spring.

The difference of a week and a half

The difference of a week and a half

Easter lilies are grown in 4 stages. 1. Emergence, 2. Flower Bud Initiation, 3. Visible Bud, and 4. Open Flower. We are now headed into stage 2. Flower Bud Initiation. This is when the plant develops stem roots, the first sign of bud initiation. These roots then help the development of bud growth.

North Greenhouse - January 21

North Greenhouse - January 21

Fun Fact: The first visible flower buds are so small you need a magnifying glass to look for them.

North Greenhouse - Grower Dylan

North Greenhouse - Grower Dylan

The flower bud that is developed with the help of stem roots form at the base of the stem and over time pushes its way to the top creating a visible flower bud, which is stage 3. Spring is one of four seasons that brings new growth and green to our greenhouse. We hope this article warmed you up a little.

Becoming A Plant Nerd

By Christina Timm

Living in Minnesota we can all agree that it’s no surprise that we spend most of our time indoors during the winter, but this holds true all year round. On average Americans spend about 22 hours indoors a day. Now if you are a gardener or a plant enthusiast, this probably does not hold true for you. Bur for most of us we are spending time at home, in our cars, and at work indoors. While it might not be realistic to change our routine and get outdoors there are ways to bring a little bit of nature inside. How do we do this you might ask??


When we buy our first houseplant we don’t really realize what we are getting ourselves into. One turns into two, two turns into three, and before you know it all your windows are filled with a variety of plants and we are calling ourselves plant parents. Even when we think there is no more space, we always make space.

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For those who have houseplants, you can relate to the bond that is created when owning them. We take pride in the fact we can take care of something and keep it alive. It never amazes me how plants can have different personalities. Depending on their light requirement, water intake, or foliage type each plant acts a little different.

The Cactus

I think we all can relate to the types of plants that sit there and look dangerous. You know… cactus. They don’t require a whole lot of attention and that’s why they are great to have on a sunny windowsill and let them be. It’s great to maybe sometime forget about them but come back to a happy plant nonetheless. That’s what makes cacti so great: their lack of needing water. Which brings us to our next plant type.



The sit there and look pretty plant: succulents! Succulents are a lot of fun, but sometimes can be tricky. They absolutely love the sun and can’t seem to get enough of it. Like the cactus they don’t require a lot of water either, which makes them great plant starters for new plant owners that are busy. However, too much water and you have an over-watered plant that just can’t seem to recover.


Note to self: there is such a thing as loving your plants too much!


Finding the right watering regimen is probably the trickiest part as a new plant owner. It’s all about getting to know your plant and what it likes. “How often should I water??” It’s the dreaded question we as retail team members struggle with, because it all depends on where you put it in your house. Window or no window, draft or no draft, a lot of light or no light, what your house temperature is normally, and so on.

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Greenhouse Water.jpg

Alongside your watering regimen knowing how much water to provide at a time is another factor. This heavily depends on the container size. If you have a small container with a foliage plant, you don’t want to water excessively and run the risk of standing water. Someone once told me that you should water about ¼ of the container size. And of course, it goes even deeper when you have different plants that prefer different amounts of water. There are so many variables that decide how often you should water.

My Process

For example, on average, and this is a rough estimate, I water most of my foliage plants every other day and my succulents every 4 days. I say this is a rough estimate because certain plants dry out faster than others and I have a wonderful sunny window, so my cacti and succulents get a lot of sun. However, all this can change depending on the temperature. A cooler temperature requires me to water less frequently. So, you can see there are a lot of factors that play into being a plant owner.

I wanted to share my plant parenthood journey with all of you because it’s fun to learn what other people do and how we take care of our plants differently. Most of my plants have been with me for a year or greater. I have been able to get to know my plants and they have also helped me discover what they prefer. Owning and taking care of plants can be a great accomplishment and I wanted to share what I discovered along the way.

Take a few moments to comment below and explain your houseplant process, if you have any questions on the types of plants you see in the photos, or if you have questions on my watering schedule.

Remember: Every plant has a different personality so take a couple weeks to discover what they are like.

Happy New Year!

By Christina Timm


Happy New Year!!! As we look back at 2018 we get to enjoy all the memories that each season provides. For spring we remember Easter shipping week where we sleeved up hundreds of Easter lilies, Hydrangeas, and mums, and packed them up to be shipped out before Easter. Also, during this time we were busy growing and maintaining a wide selection of annuals and planting up our Lynde Design patio pots and hanging baskets. As we approach May, our biggest month, we can restock the store 2 or even 3 times a day, while also pulling orders for deliveries.


May always seems to fly by so quickly, so it’s kind of a relief when June rolls around and we start to see our repeat customers come in. As the hot summer days roll on by we start to think about autumn. Mums, pumpkins, and warms colors are a nice change. Last year was the first Fall Planting Workshop and we completely sold out with a group of about 40 people. You can look forward to us hosting that workshop again this coming year. The holidays are another big season to prepare for. If you have ever come in during September or October, you might have seen the retail staff making bows or splitting berries. Even when one project is finished, there is always another to fill its place.


So, as we look back on another busy year, we can always suggest slowing down and taking it all in, but if you have ever worked retail you know what I mean when I say it can be hard to take a step back and slow down. When time is of the essence and the projects keep piling up, there is no time to stop and smell the roses. However, we can always take a moment to appreciate the people working around us and the customers we do our best to help.


There are some days we can get stuck in our own little world and can forget that we are all part of a team. That by working together we can grow, create, and maintain wonderful products for our neighbors. So, to start the new year off right, please take the time to show the people around you that you see, work, or talk to daily that you appreciate them. It could be as simple as a ‘Job well done’ or a compliment on a project they completed. Whatever it is, it will make them feel good knowing someone is taking notice of all their hard work.

Happy 2019 everyone! Let’s make it another great year!


Because it’s a new year, why not start the year off right with a new idea. So, what’s this new idea you might ask?? Well we are toying around the idea of a delivery service that will bring a new seasonal inspired container every spring, summer, fall, and winter. That’s right. You could sign up to have a fresh container garden delivered to your home every new season. So, before we dive into the dirt we wanted to see what our customers thought of this idea! Please take 1 minute to share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below! Thank you!


1.       Would you be interested in a delivery service that brought you a new container every season?

2.       If the product were available today, how likely would you be to buy the product?

3.       Would you be interested in a container every season or just in May and November?

4.       What size container best fits your needs?

Please leave your answers in the comments below! Thank you!

Spreading Holiday Appreciation

From the Lynde Crew:

It’s that time of the year again and the holidays are creeping up. It’s the time to put up the Christmas tree if you haven’t already, it’s time to bake cookies and make sweets, and gather around with loved ones. It’s also that time of the year we look back and reflect on what we have accomplished or maybe what we haven’t gotten to. There’s a question we asked our little ones: have you been naughty or nice.


It seems the holiday season brings out a giving side that should probably come out more often. We give to our families, to our friends, to children, and to people less fortunate. We gather and celebrate with family telling stories and reuniting. We buy things, wrap them up, and gift them off. We cook food and bake cookies, eating to our hearts content. We are busy doing this and busy preparing that. It can be hard to slow down and take a moment to enjoy the light snowfall of big, sparkly flakes without worrying how traffic is going to be on the way home, or taking the time to enjoy the holiday lights and festive decorations that our neighbors put up. The holidays are so much more than just the hustle and bustle of preparations.

We think the most important thing about the holidays is taking the time to appreciate the people around us. We want to thank all our loyal customers that have continued to shop with us throughout the years. We appreciate seeing so many familiar faces walk in every season. So, here’s to you, a local fan who continues to shop local, season after season.


So, take a moment when you’re done reading this to stop, and know that you are appreciated as a loyal customer, a friendly face, and a smile. But let’s not pretend that’s all you are; you are a father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandpa, or grandma and all those things are what makes you extra special to someone else. The Christmas tree, presents, and cookies may create the holidays, but you and who you are with are what make the holidays special.

Happy holidays from your Lynde Crew!

Happy National Poinsettia Day

By Christina Timm

The Poinsettia, a timeless holiday classic…

December 12 is National Poinsettia Day and it wouldn’t be the holidays without a beautiful flash of red, pink, or white. When you think of the holiday season and what best represents its beauty, you might think of the poinsettia. Through its leaves the poinsettia can provide cheer and happiness.


Did you know: The colored leaves are commonly mistaken for flowers; however, they are called bracts or modified leaves. The flower is the yellow center that produces pollen. When the flowers open they shed their pollen causing the leaves to fall soon after. For the longest lasting poinsettia, choose a plant that has little to no yellow pollen.


How we grow our beauties year after year….

We have a funny saying around here: Christmas in July. Why you might ask? Well, July is when we get our poinsettia cuttings. We start our poinsettias from small cuttings with no roots. By sticking them in the soil we start our growing process by misting them until they establish a root system. From there they are moved to another greenhouse where they are properly spaced and irrigation tubes are set in place. Here our growers can maintain the right temperature and lighting to create the perfect color for your holiday enjoyment.

Did you know: All our poinsettias are grown right here on site. Each year two of our main greenhouses are filled with beautiful green plants, and each year they begin to change color right before your eyes.


How-To: Caring for your holiday plant…


Transporting: Poinsettias prefer temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures in Minnesota get well below this, so it’s important to use a paper sleeve to protect the foliage. We recommend removing the sleeve as soon as possible. Do not leave the paper sleeve on for more than 24 hours.

Home Care: Poinsettias enjoy natural lighting and evenly moist soil. They do not appreciate drafts of cold air or excessive heat from appliances. They also struggle if standing in water. It is best to water over a sink letting excess water drip away and place back when no water is dripping.


Contrary to belief poinsettias are not poisonous. Although it is not recommended to ingest the leaves of a poinsettia it would take a 50-pound child ingesting over 500 bracts to have any side effects. A study conducted at Ohio State University disproved the charge that poinsettias are harmful to humans and animals. In any case it has been said that leaves from a poinsettia do not taste great anyways.

See more of our winter collection and our poinsettia sizes!