Cool Weather: No Problem!

By Christina Timm

Top Cool Weather Plants to Enjoy this Spring


Pansies are perfect cool weather plants that can withstand some freezing temperatures. Enjoy your pansy out in the sunshine during the day, but provide some shelter if temps get below 30 degrees! We offer a selection of different sizes to fit all your needs.

Our 7” patio pot pansy offers a finished look perfect for gifting to your loved ones.

Our 10" pansy bowl is great for small areas needing some spring color.

Our 12” pansy bowl offers multiple pansy plants in one container garden providing more bang for your buck.




Choose a 4.5" for a small area or a 9" for more blooms. Both will offer a wonderful spring flower that adds bright color into your home. Choose from one color or a mixed variety that will produce a mass quantity of blooms great for fresh cut flowers. Enjoy indoors or outdoors in the sunshine. Bring inside when temps dip below 30 degrees!

Bulb Gardens

Our 6.5" and 8" bulb gardens combine Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinth, and Muscari all in one to create the perfect spring container. Great for an indoor centerpiece for the spring season or Easter. Being that they are bulbs and their foliage is more sensitive to the cold, be sure not to let them freeze! Bring indoors when temps dip below 32 degrees!


Hanging Combination Basket


Our 10" hanging combination basket features a trailing pansy with sweet Alyssum and sapphire Lobelia. This combination provides wonderful color and the sweet smell of spring all in one hanging container. Keep in mind to watch temperatures that dip below freezing temps!