Spreading Holiday Appreciation

From the Lynde Crew:

It’s that time of the year again and the holidays are creeping up. It’s the time to put up the Christmas tree if you haven’t already, it’s time to bake cookies and make sweets, and gather around with loved ones. It’s also that time of the year we look back and reflect on what we have accomplished or maybe what we haven’t gotten to. There’s a question we asked our little ones: have you been naughty or nice.


It seems the holiday season brings out a giving side that should probably come out more often. We give to our families, to our friends, to children, and to people less fortunate. We gather and celebrate with family telling stories and reuniting. We buy things, wrap them up, and gift them off. We cook food and bake cookies, eating to our hearts content. We are busy doing this and busy preparing that. It can be hard to slow down and take a moment to enjoy the light snowfall of big, sparkly flakes without worrying how traffic is going to be on the way home, or taking the time to enjoy the holiday lights and festive decorations that our neighbors put up. The holidays are so much more than just the hustle and bustle of preparations.

We think the most important thing about the holidays is taking the time to appreciate the people around us. We want to thank all our loyal customers that have continued to shop with us throughout the years. We appreciate seeing so many familiar faces walk in every season. So, here’s to you, a local fan who continues to shop local, season after season.


So, take a moment when you’re done reading this to stop, and know that you are appreciated as a loyal customer, a friendly face, and a smile. But let’s not pretend that’s all you are; you are a father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandpa, or grandma and all those things are what makes you extra special to someone else. The Christmas tree, presents, and cookies may create the holidays, but you and who you are with are what make the holidays special.

Happy holidays from your Lynde Crew!

Happy National Poinsettia Day

By Christina Timm

The Poinsettia, a timeless holiday classic…

December 12 is National Poinsettia Day and it wouldn’t be the holidays without a beautiful flash of red, pink, or white. When you think of the holiday season and what best represents its beauty, you might think of the poinsettia. Through its leaves the poinsettia can provide cheer and happiness.


Did you know: The colored leaves are commonly mistaken for flowers; however, they are called bracts or modified leaves. The flower is the yellow center that produces pollen. When the flowers open they shed their pollen causing the leaves to fall soon after. For the longest lasting poinsettia, choose a plant that has little to no yellow pollen.


How we grow our beauties year after year….

We have a funny saying around here: Christmas in July. Why you might ask? Well, July is when we get our poinsettia cuttings. We start our poinsettias from small cuttings with no roots. By sticking them in the soil we start our growing process by misting them until they establish a root system. From there they are moved to another greenhouse where they are properly spaced and irrigation tubes are set in place. Here our growers can maintain the right temperature and lighting to create the perfect color for your holiday enjoyment.

Did you know: All our poinsettias are grown right here on site. Each year two of our main greenhouses are filled with beautiful green plants, and each year they begin to change color right before your eyes.


How-To: Caring for your holiday plant…


Transporting: Poinsettias prefer temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures in Minnesota get well below this, so it’s important to use a paper sleeve to protect the foliage. We recommend removing the sleeve as soon as possible. Do not leave the paper sleeve on for more than 24 hours.

Home Care: Poinsettias enjoy natural lighting and evenly moist soil. They do not appreciate drafts of cold air or excessive heat from appliances. They also struggle if standing in water. It is best to water over a sink letting excess water drip away and place back when no water is dripping.


Contrary to belief poinsettias are not poisonous. Although it is not recommended to ingest the leaves of a poinsettia it would take a 50-pound child ingesting over 500 bracts to have any side effects. A study conducted at Ohio State University disproved the charge that poinsettias are harmful to humans and animals. In any case it has been said that leaves from a poinsettia do not taste great anyways.

See more of our winter collection and our poinsettia sizes!

Winter Greens

By Christina Timm

Adding Some Texture with Winter Greens

Spruce Tips

Spruce Tips are the main ingredient you need when making a spruce tip container. They have body and volume that fill out a great portion of the container. For a traditional spruce tip container this will be used the most.

 Before you start to create your container, be mindful of which direction your container will be seen from; all the way around or just mainly from the front. This will determine where you place your largest spruce tip. For a front-facing container the largest spruce tip can be placed towards the back. Most spruce tip containers are made with the intention of being seen from every angle. In this case the largest spruce tip will be placed in the center with shorter spruce tips arranged around the center. 

Spruce Tips are in: Accent Greens come next

White Pine, Norway, Noble Fir, Juniper, and Incense Cedar are all accent greens that can provide texture and a unique touch. There are many different types of boughs to choose from, each one providing a little bit different feel.

 White Pine and Incense Cedar both create a softer look. The White Pine has long soft needles that create an airy touch to any spruce tip container. Incense Cedar can provide an elegant look with lush green foliage and a beautiful evergreen smell.

 Norway, Noble Fir, and Juniper are all accent greens that have sturdy blocks of texture. Norway is an amazing filler, providing a greater amount of volume at an equal or lesser cost. Noble Fir is great for filling in larger areas. It works great for window box accents. Juniper is one of the few winter greens that also provides a little extra flair with its blueberries. It is a very natural winter green which almost resembles a bird’s nest.

Winter Greens are in: Time to Personalize

Let the creativity begin. One might say this is the best part. Getting to add some personal flair and create a container that is unique for your home. Birch, curly willow, and red twig dogwood branches are great fillers providing more height. These can add a natural feel and look to complement any winter greens.

Pine cones and berries add natural color without overwhelming the container. Other natural materials like dried hydrangea flowers and grass plumes help create contrast. A bow placed front and center can add the final touch to any spruce tip container.

For a traditional-inspired container try using reds, browns, and tans for a more natural look. For more daring containers use bright bold colors like pink, purple, or blue, and it never hurts to add a little glitter!

Creativity is complete: Prepare for Longevity

To ensure your spruce tip container has the longest life possible be sure to water in the container (no need to water the foliage.) Next, spray wilt stop to help lock in the moisture and keep your winter greens looking fresh and green all winter long.

Poinsettias: The Ultimate Holiday Gift

Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery Blog By: Christina Timm

Christmas Day Red Poinsettia

Christmas Day Red Poinsettia

Poinsettias, a Timeless Holiday Plant

When you think of the holiday season and what best showcases its beauty, you think of a poinsettia. The poinsettia is a timeless holiday plant that will forever represent the holidays and bring cheer through its leaves.

Christmas Lights Poinsettia

Christmas Lights Poinsettia

Locally Grown Poinsettias

All our poinsettias are grown onsite in two of our many greenhouses. With our team of growers, Dawn and Jenny, led by our Production Manager Ron, we can grow and maintain healthy, full poinsettias.

Grower Dawn hand selecting poinsettias for a wholesale order.

Grower Dawn hand selecting poinsettias for a wholesale order.

The Growing Process

Our poinsettias start off as small cuttings with no roots. We start the growing process by sticking them in the beginning of July and misting them until they establish the start of a good root system. From there they are moved to another greenhouse where they are properly spaced and irrigation tubes are set in place. Here they will be cared for and grown until they are ready to be sold.  

A poinsettia cutting.

A poinsettia cutting.

A Variety of Poinsettias

Every year we hand select the healthiest, most sturdy poinsettias available to make sure our customers are getting the best product possible. So, next time you are looking for a poinsettia, think locally grown, think Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery!

Marbella Poinsettia.

Marbella Poinsettia.

Holiday Centerpieces

Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery Blog By: Christina Timm

Picking Out The Best Centerpiece.

Norway spruce with red berries.

Norway spruce with red berries.

Fresh greens are a great way to add some holiday cheer to your dinner table. Bring the family around something truly inspiring this year. Here are some tips for picking out the best centerpiece and how to maintain its longevity.

First thing you want to think about is how big is your space? Is this for your dining room table or an end table? It's important to measure the space beforehand. With the busy holiday season, it's hard to remember everything, so write it down.

Spruce and White Pine Tips with red berries and a small cardinal.

Spruce and White Pine Tips with red berries and a small cardinal.

Next, make sure the centerpiece you are eyeing up has fresh greens. Our staff at Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery hand make all our centerpieces and hand pick the best greens to ensure you are taking home the best quality centerpiece possible. It is best to buy a centerpiece that isn't browning.  Make sure all your greens are a fresh bright green color!

Spruce and White Pine tips with red berries and pinecones.

Spruce and White Pine tips with red berries and pinecones.

When you find the centerpiece that speaks to you and make it a new addition to your home, it's important to know how to take care of the greens to maintain longevity.

Norway and White Pine tips with a white metal star.

Norway and White Pine tips with a white metal star.

Just like fresh cut flowers like water, fresh cut greens do as well. All our centerpieces are made with aquafoam to hold the greens in place and helps lock in the moisture. It's important to keep your greens well hydrated, watering them every 2-3 days as needed. If you start to see some browning on the greens, remove that portion with a pruners or remove the entire tip, depending on the severity.

Stop by Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery to see more centerpieces before the holidays. Saturday, December 23rd is our last day open for the holiday season!